8 STEM Thinking Dispositions

STEM is like an onion… It has layers and by just addressing one layer of STEM, we are not truly preparing our students to be leaders and innovators. Building STEM skills and imparting STEM content are not enough to help our students be successful in their future careers. How we think about the world, other people, and situations can impact effectiveness and the ability to innovate. Helping students think about how they apply the skills and knowledge is just as important as having them.

Explore these 8 STEM Thinking Dispositions and share them with your students. Post the graphic in your classroom to empower students to innovate and lead. To develop the thinkers, innovators, and do-ers of the future, we need to help shape their thinking now.

8 STEM Thinking DispositionsHD

Download the PDF of this infographic here: http://bit.ly/8STEMDispositions 

Author: Jonathan Gerlach

Global Consultant for STEM Education @STEMigo Jonathan.Gerlach@GE-STEM.com

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