STEM is so much more than just Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

As the world has changed and technological advancement has taken place at an exponential rate, so have the needs of industry and global business. STEM evolved to support the changing needs of innovation in a layer approach which includes future work skills, transdisciplinary connections, content depth, and dispositions of STEM thinkers.

With the evolution of STEM in industry and pedagogy, instructional practices and strategies need to evolve as well. The content, ideas, resources, and strategies curated here are assembled to help support leaders and educators in transforming instruction. Though resources are powerful, in-person support can make the ideas and transformation personal and inspirational. There is often a focus on differentiation as the key for student understanding, however differentiation is just as critical for teachers and administrators.

Explore the contact page for in-person support options including keynotes, professional development learning sessions, and customized/differentiated learning options.

Global Education STEM (GE-STEM) has a mission to:

  1. Provide thought provoking ideas and powerful resources to help reshape the idea and implementation of STEM education as more than just content, but a culture of teaching and learning.
  2. Highlight the amazing work and impact young STEMites are making in their community and the world.
  3. Shine a spotlight on high yield instructional strategies and opportunities for educators and leaders to build their understanding of STEM.